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Garry Kasparov is a famous Chess Champion, mainly playing chess. Are you looking for a Garry Kasparov autograph for your collection or memories? An autograph of our favourite celebrity makes us happier and inclined towards him. But most of the fans don’t know how to ask for an autograph through the mail, in-person, or other ways.

Buying autograph is one of the common practices among fans in the US. Let’s find information about Garry Kasparov autographs, including how to request an autograph, how to send a fan mail, phone number, and so on.

How do I prepare an autograph request letter?

Do you have a question about how to send Garry Kasparov fan mail letters and autograph requests? Please write a pleasant, well-written letter requesting an autograph. For speedy comprehension, remember to utilize basic language and easy-to-understand phrases.

Sending properly stamped and self-addressed mail is a frequent practice among fans and signature collectors. Don’t forget to include a photograph, card, or another object that you’d like autographed by your favourite celebrity.

Please note down the autograph request address of Garry Kasparov to send autograph request: Garry Kasparov, S.M.S.I, Inc. 232 ,Seabreeze Avenue Palm Beach, FL 33480, USA.

Writing an autograph request letter to a Garry Kasparov is frequently the most difficult part. If you’re wondering, “What should I write in my autograph request letter?” Then we recommend that you create a letter with three to four paragraphs and personalise it.

In the first paragraph, you should introduce yourself and also tell that you are a big fan of Garry Kasparov. In the second paragraph, you should explain the reason behind this letter and ask for an autograph. In the third paragraph, you should write thank you to Garry Kasparov and wish all the best.

Russian chess Grandmaster Garry Kasparov is widely regarded as one of the best players in history. Besides being a chess master, he is also an author and political activist. With his indisputable title as World Chess Champion at 22, he shot to fame across the world in 1985. A top rating of 2851 was attained in 1999, which was the greatest until Magnus Carlsen surpassed it in 2013. In his early years, Kasparov was initially exposed to chess.

He started training with Vladimir Makogonov, a well-known instructor when he was only 10 years old. Positional talents were honed by Makogonov, who taught the youngster to play the Caro-Kann Defense. His first international competition victory came at the age of 16 when he won the Soviet Junior Championship in Tbilisi at the age of 13. In 1985, he overcame the incumbent world champion Anatoly Karpov to become the youngest acknowledged chess champion in the sport’s history.

In 1996, Kasparov overcame IBM’s Deep Blue, a strong custom-built chess computer. However, in 1997, Kasparov was defeated again by Deep Blue. His professional chess career has now come to an end, and he now devotes most of his time to politics and literature.

What’s the fan mail address of Garry Kasparov

Are you looking for a Garry Kasparov’s fan mail address to send your love and greetings? Don’t worry, we have obtained the latest mailing address of this team from a trusted source. Don’t forget to save this fan mail address of Garry Kasparov: Garry Kasparov, S.M.S.I, Inc. 232, Seabreeze Avenue Palm Beach, FL 33480, USA.

Please also note down another fan mail address of Garry Kasparov: 1221 Avenue of Americas, Suite 43102, New York, NY 10020, USA.

How do I contact Garry Kasparov?

Are you so much excited to contact your favourite celebrity over the telephone? If yes, you are at the right place. Garry Kasparov’s phone number is (561) 833-4220. Garry Kasparov’s fax number is (561) 833-4810.

Kasparov was born to a Jewish father, Kim Moiseyevich Weinstein, and an Armenian mother, Klara Shagenovna Gasparian on April 13, 1963, in Russia. When he was six years old, he began playing competitive chess for the first time after being exposed to the game as a youngster. It happened when he was seven years old when his father passed away.

It was when he was 12 years old that he took his mother’s Armenian surname, Gasparian, and shortened it to Kasparov. Vladimir Makogonov, a well-known chess tutor at Mikhail Botvinnik’s school, helped him improve his skills. Under his mentor’s tutelage, he developed into a powerful player and, at the age of 13, won the Soviet Junior Championship in Tbilisi in 1976.

Afterwards, he trained with Alexander Shakarov and won the Soviet Junior Championships in the same year, 1977. Garry Kasparov has a daughter with his first wife, Masha. In the end, the couple divorced. Yulia became his second wife, and they exchanged vows once again. Before divorcing in 2005, they had a son. As of right now, he’s married to Daria and they have two kids together.

In 1978, a noteworthy event occurred. At the Sokolsky Memorial tournament, he won first place and was crowned a chess master in Minsk, Belarus. The young guy was persuaded to pursue a career as a professional chess player after this occurrence. A 15-year-old chess prodigy, he qualified for the Soviet Chess Championship in 1978 and went on to win the 64-player Swiss system event in Daugavpils.

He won the World Junior Chess Championship in Dortmund, West Germany, in 1980 after a string of wins. His reputation as one of the top chess players had grown and he was promoted to Grandmaster before the end of the year. In the 1980s, he reached unprecedented professional heights. In Bugojno, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in 1982, he became the first player to win an international competition of this kind.

The world’s No. 2 chess player in early 1983 was Anatoly Karpov, who had just won the World Chess Championship. In 1984, he took faced Karpov in the World Chess Championship finals for the first time. When the match was called off after 48 games, the outcome was contentious. In a rematch in 1985, Kasparov edged off Karpov by a single point in a 24-game series to become the world’s youngest chess champion at the age of 22.

He was having problems with the FIDE, or World Chess Federation, and so he decided to leave it altogether. An angry FIDE responded by stripping Kasparov of his FIDE World Championship crown. During the period from 1993 to 1996, Kasparov and Nigel Short formed the Professional Chess Association (PCA), a competing organisation to FIDE. However, in the long run, Kasparov came to regret his decision to leave FIDE.

After defeating Short, Kasparov was crowned PCA world champion. In 1995, he beat Viswanathan Anand to retain his chess crown. Until he was defeated by Vladimir Kramnik in 2000, he held the “Classical” World Chess Championship. In 2005, he announced his retirement from competitive chess. Since then, he has been devoted to politics and writing. As a member of The Other Russia, an opposition alliance in Moscow, he helped create the United Civil Front, a social organisation in Russia. Since 2011, he’s been chairman of the Human Rights Foundation’s international council and presides over its meetings.

For his writings on the subject of chess, he has produced a number of publications, including “The Sicilian Scheveningen” (1991) and “Garry Kasparov on Garry Kasparov” (three volumes, 2011-14), as well as “Winter Is Coming: Why Vladimir Putin and Enemies of the Free World Must Be Stopped” (2015). “Propagation of democracy and individual rights around the globe” was the Center for Security Policy’s Keeper of the Flame award for Garry Kasparov in 1991.

The British Chess Federation’s Book of the Year award went to the first book of ‘Garry Kasparov on My Great Predecessors’ in 2003. UN Watch’s Morris B. Abram Human Rights Award was bestowed to him in 2013. In addition to being one of the world’s brightest men, he was also one of the bravest, according to the group’s commendation.

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A day after winning the famous Linares tournament for the eighth time, Kasparov announced his retirement from serious professional chess on March 10, 2005. It was the absence of personal ambitions in the chess world that he mentioned as the cause, and he voiced displeasure at the inability to reunite the world championship.

The world champion chess player said he planned to participate in certain quick chess competitions for enjoyment, but that he would spend more time on his books, notably the My Great Predecessors series, and research the connections between decision-making in chess and other aspects of life. His statement also claimed that he intends to remain involved in Russian politics, which he considers to be “going in the wrong direction.”

As part of his campaign against Republican Donald Trump in the 2016 United States presidential election, Kasparov labelled Trump as “a celebrity showman with racial leanings and authoritarian inclinations” and chastised him for advocating for deeper connections with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin is a powerful leader, according to Kasparov, in the same manner, that arsenic is a strong drink, in response to Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence, referring to Putin as a strong leader.

He also criticised the economic views of Democratic primary challenger Bernie Sanders, but he expressed admiration for Sanders as “a compelling speaker and a passionate believer in his cause,” according to the president. Kasparov said that Henry Kissinger “was selling the Trump Administration on the concept of a mirror image of 1972, except that instead of a Sino-U.S. coalition against the Soviet Union, this would be a Russian-American alliance against the People’s Republic of China.”

In 2017, he expressed his displeasure with the brutality unleashed by the Spanish police against the Catalan vote on independence. He lambasted Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, accusing him of “betraying” the European Union’s pledge of peace by allowing the country to fall into civil war. Following the Catalan regional election, which took place later that year, Kasparov wrote: “Despite extraordinary pressure from Madrid, separatists in Catalonia were able to secure a majority.

Europe must speak out and assist in finding a peaceful way to a settlement in order to avert more bloodshed “….. According to Kasparov, Spain should take a look at the way the United Kingdom handled the 2014 Scottish independence vote, adding: “Take, for example, how Turkey and Iraq have dealt with the Kurdish separatists. That cannot be the path that Spain and Catalonia will take.”

Kasparov believes that the Armenian Genocide should be recognised. In 2018, he greeted the Velvet Revolution in Armenia with open arms, barely a few days after it took place. Kasparov expressed his displeasure with the murder of Saudi writer Jamal Khashoggi. According to his writings from October 2018, Erdoan’s rule in Turkey is a dictatorship “Turkey has imprisoned more journalists than any other nation on the planet, and dozens of them remain behind bars in the country. Turkey’s spy service has kidnapped at least 80 individuals in 18 countries since 2016, according to the latest figures available.”

“The only language that Putin understands is power, and his power is his money,” Kasparov declared in 2021, suggesting that the United States should target the bank accounts of Russian oligarchs as a means of pressuring Russia to rein in cyberattacks against American agencies and companies. Kasparov was referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Garry Kasparov is a mathematician. He understands the principles of logic, strategy, and decision-making. The Russian grandmaster – who was rated No. 1 in the world from 1984 to 2005 – has a unique perspective on the world. He is widely recognised as the greatest chess player in the history of humanity.

As a result, many in the blockchain business will be delighted to read that Kasparov, who is unquestionably one of the sharpest people living, has become a proponent of cryptocurrencies. And it’s partially due to the fact that math is involved. Kazakh tennis player Garry Kasparov has spent his “retirement” campaigning against Russian President Vladimir Putin, promoting humanitarian causes, and acting as head of the Human Rights Foundation.

He now sees cryptocurrency as a means of limiting the authority of the government. Bitcoin provides security against uncontrolled government spending, according to Kasparov, “because you’re protected by math” – that is, by the logic of the code that is used to create the cryptocurrency.

Best Methods to Contact Garry Kasparov:

It is simpler to contact Garry Kasparov with the below-written contact ways. We have composed the authenticated and verified communications methods data as given below:

1. Garry Kasparov TikTok: NA

Garry Kasparov has TikTok Account is on his own title name. He is posting his videos regularly. Follow Garry Kasparov on TikTok and also get the latest updates and video recordings from his account.

2. Garry Kasparov Instagram: @garry_kasparov

One of the most popular social media sites is Insta. On Instagram, you’ll find each person’s bio as well as a renowned person. You may also engage with them via direct messaging if you use it. You may also check out Garry Kasparov Insta’s account to view his most recent photos.

3. Garry Kasparov Facebook: @GKKasparov

The most well-known social media company is Facebook. Each and every famous person’s bio may be found on Facebook. You may also reach out to them via direct messages. Garry Kasparov’s Facebook profile and updated pictures may also be seen on Facebook.

4. Garry Kasparov Twitter: @Kasparov63

Using the popular social media app Twitter, it is easier to locate and reach prominent people. You can tweet using his Twitter handle so that he can see it and respond with appropriate information.

5. Garry Kasparov Phone Number, House Address, Email

Here we discuss the most common contact methods like the phone number of Garry Kasparov, email address, and fanmail address.

Garry Kasparov Phone number: (561) 833-4220
Garry Kasparov Email id: NA

Garry Kasparov Fanmail address: 

Garry Kasparov
S.M.S.I, Inc.
232 Seabreeze Avenue
Palm Beach, FL 33480

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